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Sunday, April 01, 2007



Gorgeous pictures! Sarah and I are taking the girls out to the Tulip Farm next week; hope we have good weather like you did!

And you look wonderful! Here's hoping the little boy decides to come early...wouldn't that be nice :)


That is gorgeous--the belly too. I love all the colors of the tulips! I remember those pregnancy days and how I felt. I think I looked a lot more comfortable than I actually was. I tried very hard not to waddle, but it was difficult.


Beautiful pictures! I am so jealous you have a *tulip* festival. They are by-far my favorite flower.

You look great---really pretty, glowing, happy.

katrina bingham

Gorgeous pictures. You look great. I mean you really do. Not that long to go now...



Could I BE any more jealous? I bought bulbs in Fred Meyer's last year to try and force here in the desert because I love daffs and tulips so. Didn't work :( Thanks so much for posting such great photos. You look fantastic too. "Enjoy" these last few weeks!


Love the pictures!!


Oh my goodness, how lucky are YOU? Tulip Festival? And with a gorgeous belly, to boot? Just not fair...

Here via Lifenut (will be back for certain)!


You are GORGEOUS!!! I've never seen a picture of you before! What a beauty you are!! I'm really wanting to go to a Tulip Festival now....I've only ever seen one or two bloom at a time or in a florist!! Great pictures.

Hope you get some rest soonish! :D


Your pictures are incredible! Tulips are my favorite! Those are frameables! (by the way, I'm here through creaturebug!)
-Amy (godmadeplaydough.blogspot.com)


What great pictures! I haven't been to the Tulip Festival yet this year. For the past couple of years it has been gray when I was there. Maybe next week...

Suburban Gorgon

Okay, the flowers are gorgeous, but you? More beautiful than any of them. I have seen pics of you before, but none where you looked so tranquil and radiant. I know you're ready to have. this. baby, but woman, pregnancy clearly becomes you.

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