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Thursday, May 29, 2008



Uh-oh. If 14yo boys really are the funniest things on earth then I'm going to be in big trouble in a couple of years. I have a hard enough time keeping a straight face with my 12yo.


Oooh... it's been a while since I clicked through from my blogreader. I love the layout;'it's beautiful. And I'm totally with you on the chocolate and books. It's just the thing to take one away from the stress of money. (Or work. Or both.) Hang in there... summer's almost here! :)


I hate IGPRO!! It is the worst program ever. As far as attendance goes, at least. the grade stuff isn't so bad.

and I am SO OVER the last few weeks of school. I don't know how I survived. the year was so great...until the last few weeks, and that's when all hell broke loose.


I'm with you on the hotel, and the books! I'm not such a big fan of dark chocolate though. I wish I were, since it's healthier!


Ink, I've just tagged you for a meme. Something to look forward to, I suppose, once the tides have deposited you upon those soft sands. ;)

gretchen from lifenut

I'm here on the soft sands of summer and it feels fine. The solace is tardy, though.

Two weeks? I hope they fly by.


Summer is so close! You are almost there! You can do it!

We've been out for a week and a half already. But, we go back to school on, *gasp*, August 1st!!! That is just wrong.

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